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Learning How to Smile

Are they gifts or are they curses?

No matter what they say, I'll be the difference.

.::About Me::.
Jodie here.
Or Säde/DC.
Most friends refer to me as the former.

Probably the moodiest person you'll ever meet in your life.
One of those types that can be either the biggest asshole you've ever meet.
Or the most loyal crazy friend you'd ever hope to find.
Either or.

I'm an artist,
loser geek.
A lot of things.
But if I wrote it all down, you'd think me all figured out.
And that's no fun.

Why friends only?
There's a lot of reasons why.
But it all amounts to one thing.
If you want to add me, alrighty.
Comment. Let me know I know you.
Otherwise, don't expect me to add you back.

Be warned that I swear like a sailor.
Oh, and make minds explode.
Yeah, for real.

.::RP Accounts are listed here... eventually::.


The Exclusive

Insanity dwells within my realm. Prepare to have your life scarred.